from our customers

One of the things that sets us apart from our competition is our commitment to great customer service. Here are a few samples of exceptional reponses we received through our customer service surveys.

From: Billie F.

9 May 2011

Your customer service is one of the reasons I've stayed with you all these years. When I have a problem I can't solve myself, all I have to do is call you and I get to speak with a "real person". Thanks so much.

From: Art M.

13 Mar 2011

The technician who called to ask for an update to the problem called it spot on. The original hardware had suffered a power surge. Staples ahd the replacement and your tech helped me install it over the phone. After a few tries we got it up and running. Thanks!

From: James C.

18 Feb 2011

I had been trying to fix my computer for several days. I called and spoke with one of your tech support representatives. He solved my problem in about 5 minutes where I had been trying to solve it for several days. I was about to give up until I spoke with him. He did a very good job!

From: Sherry W.

2 Jul 2010

The gentleman that answered my question was polite, respectful and did not treat me different, because of my computer abilities (or my lack thereof). I appreciate when they treat me that way. Thank you for asking!

From: Lynn H.

20 May 2010

Throughout the years I've been with Arkansas.net, since it's early beginnings, I have enjoyed trouble free internet access, starting out in south Arkansas and mid state primarily. When traveling, I can easily maintain my email, with the Web Mail, and maintain being on top of my personal and business interests without a qualm. In all these years, there has been very little incidents to interupt my pace of life, and I've been able to effectively and efficiently handle not only my life/including family and business activities, without a hitch, but maintain contact with friends strewn around the globe.

From: Howard W.

24 Apr 2010

[There] should be a higher rating block - like SUPERB NO. 6!

From: Lois L.

9 Apr 2010

I've been with Arkansas.net since I started on the internet from my home computer. I've always had great service from support having written several emails (questions)over the past several years which were always replied to quite promptly. Going on DSL is the first time I talked to Customer Service on the phone and I got great service. Thank you Arkansas.net. I highly recommend you to my friends.

From: Tom W.

16 Mar 2010

I appreciated the help very much, and am proud to be a member of the Arkansas Net customers. You have always done a good job for me

From: Sherry B.

4 Mar 2010

Am very pleased with this service so far! The guy that helped me was super nice, very professional! Arkansas.net came very highly recommended by T.D.C here in Mena Arkansas!

From: Leo L.

25 Feb 2010

When we have had a problem your staff has always been very quick to bring us to a solution whether it was at your facilty or at another source as was this case. We appreciate the availability of your well informed and accurate customer service organization.

From: Chris D.

4 Feb 2010

In the five years our company has been using your services, I have NEVER had an issue someone couldn't fix for me. You're great!