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Trump's budget renews debate on Arctic refuge oil drilling
By DAN JOLING 27 May 2017 07:08

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- President Donald Trump's plan to help balance the federal budget features a new attempt to open the coastal plain of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to petroleum drilling....

Lawyer says Kushner stands ready to talk to investigators
By ERIC TUCKER and EILEEN SULLIVAN 27 May 2017 06:36

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A lawyer for Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner says Kushner stands ready to talk to federal investigators as well as Congress about his contacts and his role in Donald Trump's 2016 campaign....

Carter national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski dies
By LAURIE KELLMAN 27 May 2017 04:30

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Zbigniew Brzezinski, who helped topple economic barriers between the Soviet Union, China and the West as President Jimmy Carter's national security adviser, died Friday. He was 89....

Police: Man hurling racial slurs kills 2, injures 1 on train
27 May 2017 04:24

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Two people died Friday and another was hurt in a stabbing on a Portland light-rail train after a man yelled racial slurs at two young women who appeared to be Muslim, one of whom was wearing a hijab, police said....

Clinton reappears at Wellesley, again at a crossroads
By JOCELYN NOVECK 27 May 2017 03:02

Nearly a half-century after she first declared herself to the world as a young woman unafraid to ruffle feathers and challenge authority, Hillary Clinton was back at the very same podium at Wellesley College. And once again, she was at a crossroads in her life....

Federal judge tosses out life sentences for DC sniper Malvo
By MATTHEW BARAKAT 27 May 2017 02:50

McLEAN, Va. (AP) -- A federal judge on Friday tossed out two life sentences for one of Virginia's most notorious criminals, sniper Lee Boyd Malvo, and ordered Virginia courts to hold new sentencing hearings....

Rocker Chris Cornell remembered as 'voice of our generation'
By SANDY COHEN 27 May 2017 02:49

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Music's elite and Hollywood stars remembered Chris Cornell at a somber memorial service Friday that focused on the Soundgarden frontman's love of family and friends as much as it did on his musical achievements as one of rock's leading voices....

Ex-Texas nurse accused of killing dozens of kids in 1980s
By DAVID WARREN 27 May 2017 01:42

DALLAS (AP) -- A Texas nurse who is in prison for the 1982 killing of a toddler has been charged with murder in the death of an infant a year earlier, and authorities said Friday that they think she may have killed up to 60 young children around that time....

Next for Montana's new congressman: Day in court, then DC

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) -- Montana's new congressman hasn't even been sworn into his first public office, but people are already talking about his prospects in 2018 and even 2020....

New 'Blue Lives Matter' laws raise concerns among activists
By JIM SALTER and DAVID A. LIEB 26 May 2017 18:21

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Following a spike in deadly attacks on police, more than a dozen states have responded this year with "Blue Lives Matter" laws that come down even harder on crimes against law enforcement officers, raising concern among some civil rights activists of a potential setback in police-community relations....

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